About Us

Who We are

We are a team of highly-qualified finance professionals.

Rothswell brings in-depth industry understanding with deep technical expertise to enable clients develop winning strategies for capital formation, acquisitions and divestments, new market entry, and operational efficiencies. 


Rothswell maintains a commitment to provide complete privacy, total confidentiality and full non-disclosure in all of our business dealings. We have built our business on the foundation of privacy, confidentiality, accuracy and an unwavering commitment to assist our clients to success. We conduct our affairs in a manner consistent with the highest ethical standards and strictly guard the confidentiality of our clients’ personal and business information.

Exceptional performance from our team of subject matter experts.

Rothswell provides capital sourcing, financial structuring, and strategic advisory services to businesses at every stage of their development.  We have established a captivating framework of services helping client companies develop innovative business strategies, assess their capital needs, determine financing options, and successfully acquire start-up, working or growth capital.

We are dedicated to superior client service by offering deep knowledge of business processes, creative problem solving skills, coupled with an open mind and ease of communication. Our ultimate goal is building enterprise value through identifying proactive ways to lower the cost of capital, increase profitability and improve asset efficiency.

Collaborating with our clients, we deliver reliable and highly customized solutions that are invaluable in forging reasonable strategic and capital decisions. Our ultimate goal is to advance enterprise…worldwide.

Our Business Philosophy

Our promise to deliver the utmost quality in everything we do includes ensuring that our people, philosophy and practices support and advance our quality of life.

Our function is to furnish the greatest value in to our clients. Our goal is to provide this with the efficiency and to do it more imagination and creativity than our competitors.

Our firm has carved a unique niche in the marketplace by offering a myriad of benefits and services that others do not. We must always be willing to go the extra mile for our clients, partners and stakeholders. We pride ourselves on excellent service, attention to detail, honesty and integrity.

Our employees are key to this process. We believe in rewarding those persons who demonstrate a commitment to our philosophy and dedication to our company. We consider the environment in our organization to be one of the finest anywhere and hope that our employees will find a happy way of life as well as a fair and equitable compensation.

Focus on our Core Business Strengths

We remain committed to our core business strategy and are confident that our stakeholders will see a clear benefit from our focused efforts.

Achieve Success through Collaboration

By leveraging the vast knowledge base and experience of our world-class professionals, we can achieve success through collaboration.

Identify and Systematically Manage Risk

We take proactive measures in identifying and managing project risks so that we can achieve the desired goal of successful outcomes.

Recruit, Develop and Retain Talented Employees

Employees are the foundation of an enterprise – we maintain human resource programs to recruit, train and retain talented employees.

World Class Professionals

Through our syndicated network, we have assembled a global consortium of world-class professionals and reliable resources standing ready to deliver highly customized solutions to clients no matter where they are in the world.

Guided by our fundamental beliefs and principles.


Honest and straight forward communication and adhere to the highest ethical standards in everything we do.


We are modest enough to know that we can be wrong and smart enough to learn from our mistakes.


We foster building strong communities to allow for lively discussions, sharing content, and reaching a successful outcomes.


We emphasize a spirit of cooperation and foster mutual respect and proactively collaborate with each other.


We encourage new ideas and independent action, sharing knowledge and info, critical debate, and constructive dissent.


We take complete ownership for our actions, emphasizing a results-oriented and problem-solving approach.


We act as custodians of our planet and accept the charge of passing on a better world than the one we inherited.


Dedication to excellence results in superior execution and generates creative, imaginative and innovative outcomes.

Global network of trusted partners.

Access to local knowledge, resources, and expertise enables us to deliver strategic business services and conduct international consulting engagements effectively and efficiently. We draw from our global network of offices to assemble the team with precisely the industry knowledge and breadth of experience needed to provide clarity, insight, direction and confidence to your unique situation.

Affiliate Offices Worldwide


Skilled Professionals


Resource Partners


Years of Collective Experience


Clients Who Trust Us


Capital Resources

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