Capital Sourcing

Gain access to capital... anywhere in the world.

Rothswell has extensive experience raising capital for its clients. We know the capital markets exceptionally well, and have raised hundreds of millions of dollars in the private equity, venture capital and debt markets. We work across all areas of the capital markets, accessing private equity and venture capital funds, mezzanine funds and senior lending institutions.

Personalized service based on each client's needs.

We develop the analytical frameworks to determine pre-money valuations and the potential dilutive impact of the new capital to client stakeholders and what alternatives are most suited and viable; we develop the offering materials and deal rooms and take the deals to market. We remain active throughout the process, assisting clients in negotiating the terms and conditions of the deal and ensuring outcomes meet the client’s real objectives.


We have the capabilities to help take your business to the next level.

Direct Access

Our areas of specialization enable us to have direct access to business sectors, and markets where we enjoy significant, competitive advantages, which in turn, allow us to offer our clientele a swift and efficient service that achieves results. We’re able to assist with funding at any stage in the capital raise process.

Thorough Review

Our general course plan is to conduct an initial review and report back to you where we think the project stands and what “project components” may be missing in order to move forward. Then, we proceed by developing or assembling all of the various components into a project-financing package. We take this package and present it to capital sources. Negotiation of terms and indicative term sheets are drawn up. Finally, a Rothswell team member facilitates the rest of process on behalf of the client.

Professional Approach

Our professional approach and expertise has enabled us to structure the kinds of financial transactions that make projects a reality and meet our clients and investor’s objectives. We are able to offer one of the industry’s fastest application and loan processing times, with funding commitments issued by, or verified through, major international banks/institutions.

Every Client is Unique

Every situation is different and every client is unique. Our services extend beyond the initial venture stage and support the client through the entire process. We work closely with many top, project management companies, developing business plans and strategies that will lead to successful financing of our client projects. Even with extremely viable projects an in-depth analysis of the proposal by our team is required and a proper and professional presentation by us will be necessary in order to satisfy potential lenders requirements and to improve the chances of success.

Custom Tailored Finance Solutions

We customize our proposals for each funding source to ensure that they address the particular needs of potential investors thus increasing the odds of successful transaction. Moreover, we make sure that prepared documents follow common criteria used by investors and bankers to evaluate deals, which allows our qualified clients to obtain commitments in an accelerated time frame.

As a practice, we are deeply involved with determining the size and form in which the capital raise should be undertaken, and require clear-cut alignment with our clients around crucial valuation issues before undertaking a capital raise in their behalf. 

Private Funds


Rothswell specializes in helping lower emerging and middle market companies secure equity financing from venture capital firms, private equity groups, and strategic investors. Clients benefit from our two decades of experience advising clients on their financing strategies and successfully closing equity financing transactions. In addition to fundraising assistance, we provide our clients with valuable strategic business advice throughout the capital raising process.

Banks & Lenders

Debt & Credit Facilities

Clients benefit from our decade of experience advising clients on financing strategies and successfully closing financing transactions. In addition to providing fundraising assistance, we also provide valuable strategic business advice throughout the capital raising process.

We work closely with our clients to explain the positives and negatives of debt financing so as to acquire the exact amount of debt financing needed from the most suitable institutions and reliable lenders. Our services highlight the value of the business and make transparent the debt to equity ratio for loan repayment to ensure that the client secures the financing that they require. In this process, our clients secure the precise amount of debt they need to maintain a healthy balance sheet and a secure cash flow.

We are here to provide a fresh perspective. Ready to work with us?

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