Our Team

Dedicated to Excellence

Our professionals are at the heart of everything we do.

Rothswell’s leadership brings decades of combined experience and depth of knowledge in numerous industry sectors. We pair our clients with the leaders who possess precisely the experience and expertise needed to pinpoint and understand the nature of the opportunities or challenges they face.

Our leaders draw on a reservoir of first-hand knowledge combined with sophisticated analytical skills and strategic insights to help executives increase certainty around vital business decisions. They approach their assignments pragmatically and open-mindedly, and excel at engagements that require analytical rigor against tight timeframes.

Directors & Executive Management

Our executive management team consists of outstanding professionals with deep subject matter expertise, extensive experience in a broad spectrum of industry sectors, and an expansive network of strategic resources and collaborators.

Fred Tannous
Fred E. Tannous Non-Executive Director
John Chambers
John Chambers Chairman of the Board
Lou Ellis
Lou Ellis President & CEO, Director
Ray Hernandez
Ray Hernandez Chief Financial Officer, Director
Danyal Rahman
Danyal Rahman Chief Operating Officer
Gerry Sweeney
Gerry Sweeney Senior Vice President, Director
Nick Oust
Nick Oust Senior Vice President, IT
Greg Waters
Greg Waters Senior Vice President, Legal
Lisa Walters
Lisa Walters Senior Vice President, HR

Professional Staff

Drawn from a wide cross-section of diverse backgrounds, our team of professionals is unique in the industry for its combined depth of capital markets knowledge and wealth of experience in numerous industry sectors.

Michael Penza
Vice President Michael Penza
Alex Smith
Vice President Alex Smith
Otilia Chen
Vice President Otilia Chen
Isabel Mattson
Vice President Isabel Mattson
Steve Fillet
Senior Analyst Steve Fillet
Yerry Bunda
Senior Associate Yerry Bunda
Aaron Nelson
Senior Associate Aaron Nelson
Joseph Reagor
Analyst Joseph Reagor
Howard Zhou
Analyst Howard Zhou
Sherry He
Associate Sherry He
Dustin Salem
Associate Dustin Salem
Katrina Nguyen
Associate Katrina Nguyen

We share a dedication to exceptional client service, unmatched regional expertise and sustained community impact.



People are at the heart of everything we do. We consider it essential to respect our interdependent links with the people and communities that make our business possible.



We employ creativity to solve problems. We adapt to change through our flexibility, and our can-do, positive attitude.  We are passionate about delivering outstanding results.



We strive to generate exceptional profits from all of our activities, and we accomplish this with steadfast commitment to our value, principles and integrity.



We believe in establishing meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with our partners through unwavering trust, clear communication, and respect on all levels.



Our integrity is evident in our character, our honesty, our reliability, our loyalty, the trust our clients place upon us, our reputation for “being there”, and our technical depth and substance.



We are obsessive about quality of service. All elements of our operations are monitored and executed in a fashion that produces results at a maximum level of excellence.

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