Project Finance


Helping fund a better tomorrow.

Our project finance capabilities offers the knowledge, experience and resources to achieve successful funding outcomes for development projects around the world.

We provide capital sourcing services for infrastructure development projects while managing our client expectations to meet various project finance requirements.


Rothswell provides access to a range financing options.


Equity Participation

We identify innovative financing structures for principal investments in infrastructure-related businesses that are capable of generating attractive returns.


Senior & Mezzanine Debt

We provide financing in the form of senior and mezzanine debt products to strengthen project structures.  Mezzanine debt is layered between equity and senior debt.


Take-Out Financing

Our take-out financing is designed to address maturity mismatches and the risk appetite of certain lenders, allowing them to participate in infrastructure financing.

Project Finance

Structuring financing solutions for success.

Key Highlights

When contemplating a major development, improvement or expansion project selection of a financial resource is of paramount importance. You want an experienced top financial institution big enough to serve the needs of your project, and yet provide you with direct individual attention in a manner designed to accomplish the desired end with the utmost efficiency, expediency and cost considerations.

Top-Tier Financial Resources

Our professionals bring executive level experience in top-tier investment banking and consultation in various industries throughout the world. We assist in the preparation of a formal application to obtain suitable project financing for development projects. We offer private lending services with a client centered philosophy and a level of unrivaled accessibility.

$100 Billion Plus

Having access to a funds pool of well over a $100+ billion, our global capabilities allow us to quickly meet all project financing needs, whether they be for major business enterprise, world governments, or high net worth individuals. Our clients benefit from our extensive worldwide contacts easily affording us the opportunity to finance virtually every feasible and fundamentally sound project at very competitive rates.

Global Network

As a leader in capital sourcing, our strength lies in our search methods and expansive network of lenders and investors worldwide. This international network of contacts provides our clients with the best opportunity to get loans approved at favorable terms and rates.

Our Process

As a professional consulting firm and intermediary, our responsibility is to identify suitable accountable clients, review and submit quality projects to our lenders. With our prudent screening guidelines, each project is analyzed, with full consideration of all aspects and structured to fit the needs of the client along with the needs of our lenders. For a typical project financing, our process is as follows:

  1. We review your project;
  2. We provide a report stating where we think your project stands;
  3. We identify what “project components” are still required;
  4. We prescribe a course of action to produce best reception from capital sources;
  5. We assist in preparing the required project materials; and
  6. We present and promote your project to our identified capital sources

A Thorough Review

Our general course plan is to conduct an initial review and report back to you where we think the project stands and what “project components” may be missing in order to move forward. Then, we proceed by developing or assembling all of the various components into a project-financing package. We take this package and present it to capital sources. Negotiation of terms and indicative term sheets are drawn up. Finally, one of our team members facilitates the rest of process on behalf of the client.

Professional Approach

Our professional approach and expertise has enabled us to structure the kinds of financial transactions that make projects a reality and meet our clients and investor’s objectives. We are able to offer one of the industry’s fastest application and loan processing times, with funding commitments issued by, or verified through, major international banks/institutions.

Direct Access

Our areas of specialization enable us to have direct access to business sectors, and markets where we enjoy significant, competitive advantages, which in turn, allow us to offer our clientele a swift and efficient service that achieves results. We’re able to assist with funding at any stage in the capital raise process.

Every Client is Unique

Every situation is different and every client is unique. Our services extend beyond the initial venture stage and support the client through the entire process. We work closely with many top, project management companies, developing business plans and strategies that will lead to successful financing of our client projects. Even with extremely viable projects an in-depth analysis of the proposal by our team is required and a proper and professional presentation by us will be necessary in order to satisfy potential lenders requirements and to improve the chances of success.

Commercial Projects

Rothswell works with international representative firms with an expertise in any geographical region, to finance medium to large size projects. Some of the commercial projects include:

Real Estate Development

  • Hotel and Lodging
  • Manufactured Housing
  • Multi-Family Housing
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Shopping Malls
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Golf Courses
  • Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Production

  • Ocean Vessels and Aircraft Manufacturing
  • Chemicals, Plastics and Pharmaceuticals
  • Computers and Electronics Manufacturing
  • Distribution Systems for Electricity and Heat
  • Capacity, processing, packaging, transport and warehousing

Environmental, Mining and Renewable Energy

  • Bio-Green projects – Ethanol, Biofuels, Waste to Energy
  • Power Plant and Energy Generation Technology
  • Mining–Gold, Copper, Coal, Nickel, Iron ore, bauxite, Uranium
  • Extracting and Processing Raw Materials
  • Renewable Energy Sources, Wind, Solar Energy
  • Geotechnical and hydro-related arrangements
  • Environmental protection, soil regeneration affected product / industrial wastes, reclamation areas deforested, wood and other products

Investment in Social Infrastructure and Public Utilities

  • Telecommunications Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure and Capabilities for Medical Tourism and Leisure
  • Medical Services (infrastructure, equipment, licenses, etc.)
  • Education System, Education and Research
  • Welfare, Minority Integration
  • Cultural, Religions and National Heritage (monuments restoration, etc.)
  • Social Facilities, Cultural and Artistic Venues
  • Arenas, Stadiums and Recreational Facilities

Government Projects

In some circumstances, Rothswell works with local developers to structure and arrange financing for government projects. Such financings are typically limited to large government-sponsored investments in the following areas:


  • Tourism (hotels, resorts and theme parks)
  • Agricultural
  • Plants and Factories
  • Affordable Housing Projects
  • Hospital and Sanitation
  • Prison and Correctional Facilities


  • Harbors and Airports
  • Highway and Roads
  • Railway
  • Alternative Energy
  • Communication Systems
  • Water Desalination and Purification
  • Sanitation Facilities
  • Electrical Power Plants
  • Oil and Gas Refineries

Providing capital for a global economy.

Rothswell works with an international syndicate  of capital sources to finance medium to large size projects in many geographical regions of the world.

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