Financial Structuring

We craft custom financing solutions for each project.

Rothswell works on an international level to structure financial solutions for difficult-to-place loans and projects. Our business is built on the knowledge, personal contacts and creative expertise within the international financial community.

Top-Tier Financiers

We work in the global arena of top-level financiers to provide advisory services and funding for clients with non-typical requirements in most sectors of business and industry. We have direct banking contacts at high levels with our banks and other private and commercial lending providers that have verifiable track records of successfully closing transactions.


Financing Structures

Equity Structures

Our professionals bring executive level experience in top-tear investment banking and consultation in various industries throughout the world. We provide access to the most advanced financial products and source unique funding solutions through major banks and regulated asset managers providing structures for challenging solutions.

Private Placements

Private placement financing provides a competitive alternative to traditional commercial lending in a tight-money market where many worthy borrowers are being denied access to funds for their project. Rothswell has access to sources that can provide you private funds for acquisition and development, new construction, cash outs, rehab projects, commercial business expansion and bridge funding.

Debt Structures

Another one of our sources represents hundreds of non-traditional, non-bank private lenders and they specialize in arranging alternative financing for more challenging commercial transactions throughout the world. They arrange financing for companies that are unable to secure financing through traditional sources, particularly if funding needs are immediate.

Creative Financings

Traditional banks receive their funds from depositors like you and me and therefore have a mandate not to take undue risks with those monies they lend out. Our source represents private lenders who obtain their funds, not from deposits, but rather from the sale of notes and bonds on Wall Street and through private investors. Therefore, they are able to take on more risk and provide financing for tougher transactions that do not qualify for bank financing.

Crafting custom financing solutions for each project.

Our business is built on the knowledge, personal contacts and creative expertise within the international financial community.

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