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What kind of funding programs do you offer?

We offer a variety of conventional as well as non conventional funding solutions to meet your project’s unique financing needs. When you give us your project details, we can then suggest options for you before passing details to the appropriate funder.

Any professional reference(s) on any recently completed transaction?

In the financing profession all transactions are treated with utmost confidentiality and kept that way even after completion. This is due to the liability laws to prevent multi million dollar lawsuits for breaking confidentiality agreement(s) in particular and our client’s trust in us is paramount.

Are you the lender/funder/investor?

We act as neither lenders nor investors, but are facilitators and providers of the unique services necessary to bring lender and borrower together for a completed transaction. We do not handle monies on behalf of our clients.

Why should we select Rothswell for our project needs?
Having a background in finance holds us in stead and we are able to offer extensive knowledge in project finance. We have built the company up based on a highly orchestrated knowledge of our funders history and the private projects funded by them. We have nurtured a special relationship so that you have the best possible chance of getting your project not only on the desk of our funders but to get seen and reviewed.

We have a background in different sectors in the financial industry. We can also work alongside your lawyers, CFOs or any qualified industry professionals to get your project funded. Having been in the regulated field, we care about our clients and their money. There are too many scams in this industry so that is why we try and add additional safeguards  in place for you.
How do you help us get funded?
There are a number of ways we help entrepreneurs.
  • We understand the structure and complexity of presenting a project in front of lenders
  • Our due diligence department sources credible, legitimate funders
  • We recognize entrepreneurs spend time, effort and money working on their project but it may not be presented well to the funder’s liking and are easily rejected
  • Our funders are not easily accessible to the general public
  • We also built relationships with our funders so that the process from project submission to being funded runs smoothly.
  • Credit and personal checks may be carried out
  • We use lawyer and escrow services

Please note we don’t guarantee that we can fund all projects. We do not provide any seed funding or “100% project finance”; therefore you may be required to put some skin in the game.
How does Rothswell earn money?
We charge a fee for our service represented as a percentage of the overall funding amount and where all possible we will arrange to have this added to the overall loan required upon completion of a successful funding placement. We may utilize services of other close associates which may charge a fee.

In addition, on a case-by-case basis, Rothswell may be retained to provide consulting services, at which time a separate agreement is entered into with the client and a monthly retainer is paid to Rothswell for services rendered.

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